If the first thing your inner voice says is "Why go? Nothing is going to come of it anyway".

If you are tired of wasted evenings that end in "Sure, Let's talk", that never pan out, of meaningless likes on dating apps, and of enjoyable dates that end up nowhere. If you start recognizing Patterns that withhold you from having the relationships you desire – then we should get to know each other.

Esta Brodetsky-Kaufman is the first expert in Israel for successful dating and relationship skills. Esta is happily married to Guy, and they have three daughters: Lia, Alma and Noya.

Esta comes from an academic background and bases her practice on research and practical training. She holds a bachelor's degree in psychology, a master's degree in communication, and has completed many professional courses. She regularly participates in training, certification and further studies.

As a coach and advisor to hundreds of people who have fulfilled their goals and dreams, Esta is a popular interviewee in TV shows, podcasts, radio and press articles, a coveted lecturer, and writes popular columns in the written and online press. She is considered an authority on dating, love, and relationship skills.

The rich theoretical and applied knowledge she has accumulated over the years promotes her trainees in an experiential, empowering way that stays with them for a long time, and provides clear results in real life.

My name is Esta Brodetsky-Kaufman and my mission is to enrich people with knowledge, effective tools and simple methods that produce results in the field of Emotion and Love.

I have helped hundreds of people change their status from "single" to "in a relationship" in the last twenty years.

Talks & Workshops

Esta gives fascinating, enlightening, and funny talks for businesses, organizations or your private events, using real-life stories backed with scientific and academic research. The audience is actively engaged in this talk about relationships, the world of dating, differences between women and men and great to-do tips. Esta's talks are especially popular as part of office activities.

Work Relationships / Professional Relationships

Professional ability alone is no longer the best predictor of success. What determines the progress in the organization and between workplaces is the ability to create relationships and collaborations within the organization and with customers and colleagues.

 In the twenty years I have accompanied clients to fulfillment in their relationships, I have led many employees and managers to extraordinary results, whether in doubling salaries, advancing the organization, or precisely job adjustments, by building precise and customized processes.

The training is conducted according to an individual plan that is individually tailored to the needs of each client, and is also suitable for organizations interested in executive coaching.

The meetings are personal, and take place in the clinic or in any possible media, available and convenient – video calls, phone and ZOOM.

 Sessions are also available in English.

Relationships are complex. In my long career as a relationship coach & expert, that have led people to significant results in their relationships, we have noticed that working together has led to a significant improvement in all of their tangent worlds – family, friends and work. And why? Because all our worlds are made up of other people, and therefore are based on relationships.

When we need tools, training saves the precious time lost when we "learn from our mistakes," assuming at all that we have learned the right thing.

In a world where pressures increase from year to year, boundaries blur, desires and abilities are in constant conflict with each other. The world of work is changing before our eyes. The range of skills required for success expands from place to place and from year to year.